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ICIWorld is a Global Real Estate Broker and Salesperson's Real Estate Information Listing Service providing Have and Want information to network with the public.

our databases are functioning perfectly and executive members are able to continue adding, modifying & deleting listings. Most search functions are operational.

Different Ways to Search for Real Estate Listings

Search Residential (Choose Business Category - Residential Estates, Single Family Homes, Condos, Cottages, Vacation Homes) AND see Residential Key Word Searching.

Note regarding age of listings: There are four status's of listings. We only show the Active ones. However they are not deleted for five years. So you must choose your own search criteria for Age of Listings. It is the responsibility of all in the industry to look after their information. You will see the ones who do, ie: keeping their listings less than 90 days old, and those who do not. Yet these old listings can be valuable nevertheless for networking purposes.

Residential Ontario Property Networking This can easily be built for any province, state or country providing networking of real estate information not available on any other service.

Search Commercial See Commercial Key Word Searching

Note: There are two ways to search city. Use the By City field or Business Area drop down boxes. It would be wise to search each one at a time. Sometimes a broker may put a city in the City Field and not in the Business Area drop down boxes. And . . . vice versa.

Advanced Search with Contact Information Always start with less criteria to see the universe of listings, then add criteria for subsequent searches and then search each time to zero in on things..

www.iciworld.mobi for mobile devices. You can search by commercial key words and/or residential key words. Note the Have/Want Age Field where you can search for just the newest listings or all listings according to your specs. Note: We provide information for five years for the whole industry and leave it up to you to choose how far back you wish to search. Many in the industry use historical information to find people to network and do business with. But if you only want the latest 30 days of listings you can definitely do so. Every single listing is dated for you.

NOTE: You can also add the ICIWorld to your mobile phone if it is an Android or iPhone. Simply search iciworld in the Playstore or App Store and install iciworld



This is all under construction: It is like rebuilding a city after a storm, there is a lot of rebuilding that has to be done. Rather than waiting I will provide some links that may be working. No need to call us. We know it is not 100%. Once we announce what we think is 100% then I would like all members to be on board and provide feedback for any and everything that does not work. No need to report anything now but it is okay to request a specific need. 416-214-4875.
We hope to have things solved sooner rather than later.
We had a technical support person from another company who was helping us, accidently delete some very important files.
In the scheme of things sometimes these problems give rise to better solutions going forward.
For instance we are building a duplicate server so that in the future if one server becomes a problem we can simply point to the other server.
Phase 1 and 2 analysis and quick fixes exhausted. Tape backup now to follow. Interim access started.
The database of Haves and Wants is intact and we are working to make that available to be searchable..
Please be patient.
We will explain it all later.
Stay tuned for updates.
EMail concerns to:
customer service @ iciworld.com


Gary Nusca, CCIM
ICIWorld.net, Inc.


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Usually a 30 minute setup is all that is required and
we will show you how to add a listing and with one click make your information available 24/7 to network with the world and . . .
take advantage of the ICIWorld Widget service which is the world listings, Haves and Wants up to the second on YOUR website in a way that YOU get the calls.
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Hi Gary, Yes! I got the Buyers thru Your site!! Subject: MEDICAL BUILDING***ASKING 9 MILL$$ SOLD! Hi, Four Your Information: MEDICAL BUILDING THAT I HAD SENT TO YOU , I SOLD IT FIRM WITH FOUR OFFERS**** ****PLEASE,CHECK MY WEBSITE TO ENTER THE DRAW FOR A PRIZE**** WWW.TORONTOHOMESANDBUILDINGS.COM OH....By The Way..... I am never too busy for your referrals!!! Best Regards, Nader Akhbari,Broker Of Record/President ,20 Years Of Experience,M.ENG.,Member Of Toronto Real Estate Board Commercial


Kuldip Bassi, Broker of Record, Tri-city Professional Realty Inc., Brokerage reports two sales. He advertised a restaurant on ICIWorld and received calls. He showed one buyer another restaurant for $350,000 and sold it. Same for a condo for sale. He received calls and he showed a buyer another condo $160,000 and sold it. More than $10,000 in commissions.

Guy Scheiner, Hi Gary, I would like to thank you for all your help and support. I recently sold (conditionally) an Apt building around the $13,000,000 and I located the buyer through ICIWorld. Although I advertised in the Globe & Mail and in the the Commercial Investor in addition to listing the property on the MLS, most of my solid leads came from ICIWorld. I contacted professionals via ICIWorld and they responded immediately. Thanks again for your support and I would like to book a webiner next week to better understand how to fully utilize ICI's website. Also, you mentioned that CCIM will have designation courses in Toronto, can you please send me information in that regards, Best wishes, Guy Scheiner, BA Sales Representative Sutton Group-admiral realty inc., brokerage


Param Sidhu,CCIM, CEO-Broker of Record, Acres Real Estate Inc.- Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, has just informed me he has sold and leased several properties over the past year, such as leasing 24,000 sq. ft of industrial space, 1,000 sq. ft. offices, etc. He has sold 2,000 sq. ft of commercial retail condos. Anand ("Nand") Murthy | MBA, CSSM, Statue RE Investments & Solutions just informed me he did two deals this last year as a result of ICIWorld. Franco Palermo, Salesperson, CAPITAL NORTH COMMERCIAL REALTY, BROKERAGE just informed me of two industrial buildings he sold this last year, one for $2,500,000 and one for $1,800,000 and that he now has an offer on another one at the moment.


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